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Cramous Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope, not long at all :P Yeah that Luna picture is great!
You really think so? I spent way to long on it... Like... 7 hours or so... Maybe a bit more... I ended up having my program (trial version of SAI) crash on me after not saving for about an hour and a half... I lost all the lighting and shading effects and some of the coloring... I was so upset, but luckily I had that version and said "forget it I'm not redoing it, I'll just post that and deal with it"

But none the less it's one of my first somewhat bigger things I've made, I plan on making another soon (I started one earlier today but didn't even get the back ground and foreground done hah).
Definitely, I love the glowing effects on her horn and eyes. I can't wait until I get a tablet and can do some digital sketches :D I'll be keeping an eye out for art from you in the future!
Yea I'm kind of a freak about the basic structure and lighting effects... I'm not so good at creating fore grounds and such... But I think if I get into it more I can create some sweet light effects with my tiny little Bamboo Splash :P

I just want to develop my personal creative style, right now I'm just imitating Atryl and a few others (mostly the people I follow) and expanding on something they've already done.

I hope to eventually have something worth looking at, besides my vectors (because apparently a lot of people liked "Silver Moon" much more then I thought...).
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